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Sinn Féin Jobs Plan - €312m for Dublin Mid-West

19 October, 2012

Speaking at the launch of a Jobs Plan for Dublin Mid-West Eoin Ó Broin has said that ‘Sinn Féin in Government would seek to invest over €300m to create and retain 4000 jobs.’ The local jobs plan includes a number of key proposals aimed at tackling unemployment and long term unemployment in Dublin Mid-West.

Ó Broin said:

‘The number of people out of work in Dublin Mid-West is unacceptably high. In September 9,157 people were on the live register. 21% of those on the live register are under 25.

‘In June Sinn Féin conducted a survey of 400 houses in Clondalkin Local Electoral Area. The survey revealed a shocking 40% of people out of work. Unemployment was highest in North Clondalkin at 52%, followed by Bawnogue at 44%. Significantly Clondalkin Village, St Johns and Cherrywood combined had an unemployment rate of 38%. Newcastle, Brittas and Rathcoole had an unemployment rate of 33%.

‘While the state wide unemployment figure is almost 15% the figures for all parts of Clondalkin are genuinely disturbing. They reveal an unemployment crisis far deeper than most other areas of the country.

‘The only way to reduce the number of people out of work is to invest in jobs. Private sector investment continues to fall. This means that the Government must fill the vacuum. It has monies at its disposal from the National Pension Reserve Fund and the European Investment Bank. There are also funds available from the Private Pension Industry.

‘Last week Sinn Féin launched our state wide Jobs Plan. The plan proposed an investment package of €13bn over four years to create 156,000 jobs and to save 15,000 more. Key investment projects included broadband, water supply, school and primary care building and measures to assist small and medium sized enterprises.

‘The implications of the jobs plan for Dublin Mid-West would be:

· Investment of €312million over four years

· Create 3,700 new jobs

· Save 360 existing jobs

· Provide 400 new social houses over two years

‘Key elements of the €312million investment programme would include:

· €60million investment in roll-out of next generation broadband

· €12million investment in upgrading water infrastructure

· €7.2million investment in new school buildings

· €1.2million investment in school building refurbishment

· €6 million investment in primary care centre provision

· €80 million over two years to provide 720 new social houses

· €120 million for energy efficient retro-fitting

· €1.2million in extra funding for renovation of existing local authority stock

‘Sinn Féin’s plan would also help small and medium sized businesses by abolishing upwardly only rent reviews and capping utility charges. We would give self-employed people the option of paying PRSI at the same rate as PAYE workers in order to be eligible for full social welfare provision when unemployed. We would also ensure that where capital infrastructure projects are underway contractors work with local communities to employ a proportion of long term unemployed.

‘The government is not taking the unemployment crisis seriously. In 2011 Fine Gael and Labour invested€500 million directly in job creation. In the same year they gave €21.4billion to the banks including €3.1bn to Anglo Irish Bank.

‘The only way to tackle the jobs crisis is to invest in job creation. This is also the only way to return the economy to growth and get the state’s finances back on track.

‘Sinn Féin’s proposals are credible, costed and realistic. If the Government is serious about getting people back to work it will study our plan and start to put its money where its mouth is on jobs.’ ENDS

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