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Review focus should not be narrowed

22 June, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly members Alex Maskey and Kathy Stanton today met with the British and Irish governments as part of the ongoing Review process. Speaking after the meetings Mr Maskey said that 'the Review agenda could not be allowed to be narrowed to suit the agenda of the DUP or any other single party'.

Mr Maskey said:

" As far back as last December Sinn Féin presented the British government with an extensive list of issues which needed to be addressed as part of the Review process if it was to make a positive contribution to overall efforts to see the process put back on track and the political institutions re-established.

" That agenda remains the template for the Sinn Féin team involved in the Review meetings. We are not interested in a process which is narrowly focused or focused on the particular agenda of one party or another. The two governments have a responsibility to ensure that this does not happen to the Review process.

" We made this clear to the British government yesterday and reinforced this point to both governments in our discussions today. It is the responsibility of the two governments to take the lead in the Review and ensure that it results in the maximum benefit possible for the overall process. This will not happen by narrowing the focus of the discussions resulting in a failure to address other crucial matters which fall under the Review remit." ENDS

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