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'Austerity Kills' - Sinn Féin MEP Anderson's message to Angela Merkel

8 November, 2012 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Martina Anderson MEP joined her fellow GUE/NGL colleagues in a protest against EU austerity policies during a visit this week to the EU Parliament by German Chanchellor, Angela Merkel.

 Martina Anderson MEP said:

 "Angela Merkel's insistance on pursuing the failed austerity policies favoured by her right wing supporters in Europe must be opposed and exposed for the damage they are causing throughout Europe. Cuts in social programmes, infrastructural projects, support for SME's and the social economy is not the direction to take if we are to pull ourselves out of recession. 

 "We can see very clearly, throughout the island of Ireland and indeed across Europe, the devastating effects of the Merkel led assault on the most vulnerable sections of society.

 "European leaders of the Merkel ilk are so far removed from the reality of life in working class communities that they are incapable of devising policies that will enhance the quality of life of the average citizen.

 "This is apparent throughout Europe but particularly across Ireland where the staggering unemployment statistics have resulted in the loss of a whole generation of young Irish people and the contribution that they could have made to building a strong and sustainable economy.

"Governments must not just be allowed to invest in job creation programmes but should be encouraged to do so in order to re-establish consumer confidence. Austerity saps confidence, deters entrepeneurial spirit and inhibits consumer spending. All of which adds to the sense of hopelessness which Merkel style economics have inflicted on citizens all over Europe." CRÍOCH

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