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Work needed to prevent spread of Ash disease - McMullan

16 November, 2012 - by Oliver McMullan

 Sinn Féin MLA Oliver McMullan has urged all those in the lumber industry to work with the Department of Agriculture in an effort to prevent the spread of Ash tree disease.

 Mr McMullan stated,

 “With the official news that the first cases of Ash tree disease have been found in the North it is important that we minimise the risk of it spreading to other areas.

 “The Department announced measures last week to help prevent the spread of the disease and I would ask those in the forestry and lumber industries to adhere tightly to these measures in order to protect further outbreaks.

 “Given that the latest outbreaks involved some 5,000 imported ash saplings I will be putting down a question in the Assembly asking the Minister of Agriculture to ask the forestry service to increase the number of ash trees they plant here in order to avoid foreign imports.

 “As Ash is a native species there is no reason why we can’t be self sufficient in growing enough trees to meet any demand.

 “This would allow us to control diseases, protect our indigenous species and create new markets in growing ash trees for sale.”

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