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Anderson backs anti-fracking amendment in EU vote

20 November, 2012 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson will vote in favour of an anti-fracking amendment during a debate in the European Parliament on shale gas exploration today.

Martina Anderson said:

“Two weeks ago I co-signed an anti-Fracking amendment which is being debated in the EU Parliament today.  I was happy to co-sign this amendment along with other members of the GUE/NGL grouping in the European Parliament and am pleased that today we will have the opportunity to put the case against what is commonly referred to as ‘fracking’.

“The amendment, urges Member States not to authorise any new hydraulic fracturing operations in the EU. I will be speaking and voting in favour of the amendment against fracking.

“Research shows that companies and governments often overestimate shale gas deposits in order to support their actions. Recently, for instance, the Polish government had to admit that its shale gas deposits are actually just a minor fraction of its original estimates.

“It is also clear from past experience in countries such as America and from countless studies that fracking poses unacceptable long-term risks to the environment, public health and local constituents at a time when we should instead be investing in renewables such as wave and wind.

"Notwithstanding the environmental impact caused by the emissions created by fracking, the considerable amount of constituency concern is entirely understandable given the very real risks this method of exploration poses to agriculture and tourism. These two sectors are vitally important for the Irish economy and given its current fragile state it is baffling that corporate interests could outweigh those of Irish citizens.


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