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PSNI abuse Sinn Féin Councillor

25 June, 2004

Sinn Féin councillor Bridge Meehan has accused the PSNI in Glengormley of 'disgraceful sectarian behaviour'. Cllr. Meehan's comments come after a PSNI member in Glengormley barracks informed her that he would be throwing an application by residents to hold a peaceful protest against an Orange march in the bin.

Cllr. Meehan said:

" Last night I was asked by local residents in Glengormley to hand in a application for a peaceful protest to highlight a contentious Orange march in the area. When I handed the application into Glengormley PSNI barracks I was verbally abused by the PSNI member present and he then said that he would not process the application but would instead throw it in the bin.

" This sort of blatant sectarianism is unacceptable and unwarranted. The PSNI member obviously has serious problems coming to terms with concepts of basic equality and fair play. I will be raising this matter with the Police Ombudsman at the earliest opportunity. This sort of intimidation by the PSNI will not deter me from continuing to represent the people of this area and continuing to confront sectarianism and bigotry from whatever quarter." ENDS

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