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Fine Gael must accept Sinn Féin's mandate in Kerry

25 June, 2004

Fine Gael must accept Sinn Féin's mandate in Kerry

Sinn Féin Kerry County Councillor Toiréasa Ferris as criticised Fine Gael for engaging in politics of exclusion when it came to the possibility of entering a technical arrangement with Sinn Féin. Cllr. Ferris was speaking after today's AGM of Kerry County Council. She said that Fine Gael's unwillingness to put an arrangement with Sinn Féin in writing was an insult to Sinn Féin‚s integrity and a slap in the face to the thousands of people that voted for her party throughout Kerry.

Cllr. Ferris said:

"Sinn Féin is a democratic party and a party of inclusion; I stated publicly last week that we were willing to talk to any grouping regarding the make up of the new council. That included Fine Gael. However, Fine Gael‚s offer of a three year, unwritten deal with the possibility of Sinn Féin taking the Mayorship in the fourth year was totally unacceptable to our members. In fact, no self respecting party could have accepted this arrangement.

"I also want to address some comments being made by certain Fine Gael representatives that Sinn Féin's arrangement with Fianna Fáil and two independents went against the people's wishes for change. I wonder did this enter the minds of their colleagues on Killarney and Tralee Town Councils where Fine Gael councillors supported Fianna Fáil nominations for the chair, with Sinn Féin being totally excluded from any sort of committee on Tralee Town Council.

"It's about time that Fine Gael accepted that Sinn Féin is here to stay. They must accept our mandate. It is unfortunate that Fine Gael in Kerry could not take a lead from their colleagues in Monaghan where Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael managed to come to an arrangement on the council."


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