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Youngest Oireachtas member launches Sinn Féin’s Youth Jobs proposals

27 November, 2012

Sinn Féin’s Youth Affairs Spokesperson Senator Kathryn Reilly has today launched Sinn Féin’s proposals for tackling the youth unemployment crisis. Following the launch Senator Reilly briefed the youth sector and people working with young people on Sinn Féin’s proposals.

Speaking outside Leinster House alongside young Sinn Féin reps from across Ireland Reilly said:

“Today Sinn Féin is bringing forward our view of what needs to be done to tackle youth unemployment in Ireland today. Facilitating emigration of 100,000 people per year and a 30% youth unemployment rate for those who stay is not an acceptable response. Young Irish people deserve a chance and deserve an active government that actually does something about youth unemployment and doesn’t just talk about it.

“We are proposing specific pro-youth jobs policies like extending all CE schemes to everybody under 25 and moving to a situation where all young people unemployed for three months are assessed and given the training or employment opportunities they require. This stands in direct opposition to the government’s laissez-faire approach to youth unemployment.

“We would also rework or scrap anti-youth jobs policies like raising the retirement age and JobBridge. Additionally we will explain how a stimulus package and budget as outlined by Sinn Féin would benefit young people and young unemployed people in particular by kick-starting economic growth and shifting the tax burden onto those workers most able to pay.”

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