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Artemis Project empowering communities

28 November, 2012 - by Jennifer McCann

Sinn Féin Junior Minister Jennifer McCann has praised Artemis and its partners in ensuring community access to facilities right across the North.

 Ms McCann said,

“I was surprised to find such a range of projects that offer community involvement today in an exhibition by Artemis and its partners in the Long Gallery in Stormont.

“There was everything from fencing clubs, model aircraft, football and hockey clubs and Sports NI amongst others who in conjunction with Artemis provide communities with past times and education.

“We often hear about the lack of facilities in every area yet if we are to examine what is in place and not being maximised to its full potential we may be pleasantly surprised.

 “Artemis works with their partners to utilise facilities such as schools for community use outside of school hours.  The aim of the project is to improve health, encourage cultural life, create employment through education, break down religious barriers and foster social inclusion.

“Every community has a school yet many close after the children leave for the day and lie empty yet they could provide a facility for many a community or sporting group to develop community participation.

“I would commend Artemis for this important work and encourage community groups to work with them to develop the use of facilities that may already be in your community.” 

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