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Unionist alliance with Paramilitaries ensures shameful parade through nationalist community

26 June, 2004

Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey has described as a 'shameful spectacle' the forcing of the Orange Order Whiterock parade through the nationalist Springfield Road.

Mr Maskey said:

"Last night the Parades Commission in written communication confirmed that the DUP, UUP, Orange Order, Protestant Churches and the unionist death squads had formed an alliance with the aim of threatening the nationalist community into accepting Orange Parades through their areas.

"After a week of such threats the British Government through the Parades Commission capitulated to those threats and sought to force an unwanted paramilitary parade through the Springfield Road community.

"Today's parade on the Springfield Road accompanied by a massive PSNI military operation was a shameful spectacle. It was a victory for intimidation, violence and threats. The events of the past few days do however raise serious questions for the UUP and DUP. It seems they have no problem forming alliances directly with the unionist death squads but simultaneously they attempt to ignore the electoral mandate of Sinn Féin.

"Nationalists across the island are angry at the events of the past few days and are watching closely to see if further unionist threats and intimidation are rewarded with other parades being forced through nationalist areas." ENDS

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