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DRD Minister to answer questions on Lennon Case - Lynch

29 November, 2012 - by Seán Lynch

Sinn Féin MLA Sean Lynch has welcomed the decision by the Regional Development Committee to call the Minister Danny Kennedy in front of the committee to answer questions on the Alan Lennon case.

Speaking today Mr Lynch who is the vice chair of the Regional Development Committee said:

“I welcome this decision to call the minister in front of the committee to explain his course of action in relation to the Alan Lennon case.

“The minister refused to appeal the decision the case which Alan Lennon took against the Department of Regional Development, despite compelling legal advice to do so.

“The minister stated that this was due to public monies having already been spent and the taking the appeal would result in additional costs to the public purse.

“However the awarding of £150,000 to Alan Lennon alongside the court costs is a still a significant cost to the public purse, which could have been successfully challenged had the political will been present.

“The minister must explain his refusal to lodge an appeal in light of both the award and legal advice to do so.”

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