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Hypocrisy of DUP exposed - Doherty

28 June, 2004

West Tyrone Sinn Féin MP Pat Doherty says that the readiness of the DUP to sit alongside members of the UDA and UVF on the West Belfast Parades Forum shows the sickening hypocrisy of this party.

Mr. Doherty said:

"Day in, day out, DUP politicians attempt to outdo one another in portraying the most hard-line stance against Sinn Féin.

"Yet here we have the spectre of some of these same politicians not only sitting talking to but strategising with members of the UDA and UVF on the issue of Orange Parades.

"The West Belfast Parades Forum was hastily convened ahead of Saturday's Whiterock Loyalist Parade and this "development" was incredibly used by the Parade's Commission as evidence of progress to justify the reversal of its original decision to ban the parade from the nationalist Springfield Road.

"The Parades Commission had earlier cited the refusal of the parade organizers to enter into dialogue with nationalist Springfield Road residents as one of the main grounds for banning the Parade from entering this area.

"Despite the fact that the Parade organisers refused to do this the Parade's Commission capitulated because of predictions of widespread violence from unionist politicians and loyalists.

"This issue is a glaring example of the hypocrisy DUP politicians. These founding fathers of Ulster Resistance rub shoulders with the UDA and UVF on a daily basis. As the DUP becomes increasingly desperate in its attempts to rationalise their irrational refusal to meet Sinn Féin - the majority voice of the nationalist electorate in the north - it is time that the British government stops pandering to the DUPs hypocritical agenda and starts calling a spade a spade."ENDS

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