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Another anti-youth budget: Sinn Féin

6 December, 2012

Sinn Féin’s Youth Affairs Spokesperson Kathryn Reilly has labelled yesterday’s sixth austerity budget as yet another anti-youth budget.

Senator Reilly who is the youngest Oireachtas member said:

“Yesterday’s budget will bring only disappointment to young people across Ireland and our young people abroad who were watching hoping for signs of change, signs of progress.

“What they heard unfortunately was another aggressively anti-youth budget. The cuts to the youth sector are extremely disappointing and short-sighted but the whole thrust of the budget is anti-youth and anti-youth jobs.

“No plan to tackle youth unemployment and another €250 increase in student fees mean that for another year Fine Gael and Labour have decided on emigration as a policy choice.

“Sinn Féin showed there could be another way. The government could have taxed wealth but instead went after all workers through removing PRSI exemption for the first €127. A real stimulus is needed to get young people working.

“Worst of all the cutting of jobseekers’ benefits to six months is a signal to young workers not only that they have no future here but that they should emigrate earlier.”


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