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Policing must be impartial - Sinn Féin councillor

8 December, 2012

Sinn Féin councillor Conor Maskey has questioned the differential treatment by the PSNI following the arrest of a nationalist youth today in Carrickhill.

The North Belfast councillor said:

"Following a week of illegal protests by unionism and loyalist paramilitaries the arrest of a nationalist youth in Carrickhill today is in stark contrast of the softly softly approach adopted to people blocking roads and generally terrorising the public for the last several days.

"Residents have told us that the PSNI were heavy handed in their action. The PSNI can not differentiate between anyone breaking the law or approach how they deal with the nationalist community differently than how they police the rest of the community.

"On a day when unionism and loyalist paramilitaries brought chaos to Belfast city centre where masked men openly marched and where a tricolour was burned, the only known arrest is that of a nationalist youth from Carrickhill.

"The toleration of mass illegal marches and blocking of roads has not gone unnoticed by nationalists and questions need answered about this approach by the PSNI. This community demand civil, accountable, impartial policing and will settle for nothing less."

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