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Property Tax Bill draconian, unjust and unfair – Stanley

14 December, 2012 - by Brian Stanley TD

Sinn Féin spokesperson on environment, community and local government, Brian Stanley TD has today said the government’s Property Tax Bill grants the state unprecedented and draconian powers and that its implications will be wide ranging, punishing low income households.

Speaking during today’s Dáil debate Stanley said;

“This bill gives draconian powers to the Revenue Commissioners. I would go as far as to say the powers in this bill are unprecedented and will bring serious hardship on low income families. The financial consequence of this bill, along with the harsh budget, will force many more families into poverty and into the arms of loan sharks.

“This home tax has been promoted by the government claiming that it will be used to fund local authorities and the services they provide. But in the government’s budget you continue to starve local government of much needed funding.

“On one hand you continue to slash funding to local government while with the other hand you force home owners, regardless of income, to compensate their local councils for these cuts. Those on disability payments and low income families pay the same as the millionaire.

“The government minister, even the Taoiseach, one of the highest paid politicians in the world will be paying the same as the pensioner who recently has had their telephone and electricity allowance cut. Perverse to say the least.

“You are forcing local councils to depend on an unfair tax to fund services that have already been paid for in people’s taxes.

“You had choices. Sinn Féin gave you some of those choices. In our alternative budget, ‘Making the Right Choices’, Sinn Féin spelt out exactly how the economy could be turned around without any home tax.

“In conclusion, Sinn Féin will be opposing this bill using every avenue open to us. It is draconian, unjust and unfair.”


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