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Noonan “a modern Trevelyan” – Cllr. Mícheál Mac Donncha

6 January, 2013

Finance Minister Michael Noonan has been described as a modern Trevelyan for condemning Irish people to poverty and emigration in pursuit of the failed economic doctrine of Austerity.

Speaking at the Annual Seán Sabhat commemoration in Limerick , Sinn Féin Councillor Mícheál Mac Donncha said the level of unemployment and emigration in Limerick and across the country has gone beyond crisis level.

He said:

“We are now back to the emigration levels of the 1950s, the era of Seán Sabhat, with over 200 people per day leaving our shores.

“That is a shocking indictment of the disastrous austerity policies commenced by the Fianna Fáil/Green Government that wrecked the Irish economy, and now continued by the Fine Gael/Labour Coalition.

“The Budget imposed in December by Fine Gael and the Labour Party in pursuit of the doomed austerity policy represents nothing less than an attack on the Irish people, an attack especially on those on low and middle incomes. Here in Limerick the results of austerity are all too clear with higher levels of unemployment and deprivation and the abandonment of whole communities. It is now beyond crisis level.

“While we cannot compare the current recession with the scale and horror of the Great Hunger of the 1840s, there is one important similarity. At that time men like Trevelyan, sent here by the British government, were wedded to the doctrine of Laissez Faire economics, a doctrine that basically allowed people to die in hundreds of thousands rather than have a government interfere with the almighty market. Today we have the doctrine of austerity which condemns hundreds of thousands to poverty and unemployment and emigration. And in that sense the modern equivalent of Trevelyan is Minister for Finance and Limerick Fine Gael TD Michael Noonan.

“What more evidence does Minister Noonan need that austerity is not working? He need only look at his own city. Limerick has the highest unemployment rate in Ireland (28.6%) and one of the highest in Europe. There is 50% youth unemployment. There are over 3,000 on the housing waiting list.

“In Limerick City and in Dublin City, which I represent as a Councillor, we have local authority housing estates which were totally neglected during the so-called Celtic Tiger, which were promised major regeneration but have now been abandoned yet again.

“We pledge to stand shoulder to shoulder with these communities and with all communities throughout our country who are struggling as a result of recession brought about by corrupt bankers and corrupt politicians in Ireland, the EU and globally.

“I salute the work being done by Sinn Féin in Limerick on behalf of your communities, especially the work of your City Councillor Maurice Quinlivan. Locally and nationally, at community, local authority and Oireachtas levels, Sinn Féin is providing the real campaigning alternative to the disastrous austerity strategy.” ENDS

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