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Sinn Féin propose anti-poverty task force for Belfast

15 January, 2013

Sinn Féin Councilor Group Leader in Belfast Cllr. Jim McVeigh has brought forward proposals that the City Council should set up an Anti-Poverty Task Force and an Anti Poverty Forum to tackle deprivation and social exclusion in the city.

 Cllr. McVeigh said:

“These are difficult times in Belfast. The political leaders of all the parties, including my own party, Sinn Fein, have a responsibility to lead their communities by example, through working together.

Political leaders working together can usher in a much-needed period of political stability, harmony and co-existence for everyone.

Equality threatens no section of our city.  But there are challenges out there which need to be met.

Chief amongst these is the issue of social deprivation in the city.

Today’s meeting hosted by the Lord Mayor will bring together the business community in the city and that is welcome.

However we also need to engage with those within our city who are suffering from acute poverty and social exclusion. Their voice needs to be heard.

I am proposing that Belfast City Council to establish a Belfast Anti Poverty Task Force and an Anti Poverty Forum. The Task Force would be multi agency and led by council.

The Forum would bring together community reps, anti poverty organisations, etc, from across city to discuss a strategy to tackle deprivation and poverty.

"I will be writing to all the party leaders on council and to the Chief Executive outlining this proposal.

“We will also bring a motion before council proposing the same at the start of February.”

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