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McLaughlin welcomes DUP decision on Border Poll

22 January, 2013

Sinn Féin Spokesperson, Mitchel McLaughlin MLA has welcomed the favourable decision by the DUP for a Border Poll.

Mitchel McLaughlin said:

“I welcome this decision and look forward to the debate that can now be developed.  

“Arlene Foster articulated this development during a radio debate with me this morning. This acceptance should now create the space for and provoke clear, radical and open debate in regards to the social, economic and political benefits of a united Ireland.

 “Sinn Féin is ready for this debate. It is a debate that must be had if we are to manage the change that is already happening within Ireland and ensure that rights and entitlements for all are safeguarded and upheld.

 “Sinn Féin’s vision is for an Ireland of equals, united and at peace with itself and its neighbours, including Britain. It is time for a dialogue on how we heal the hurt, and move into a new era.” CRÍOCH

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