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Government should say we cannot pay the promissory note: Adams

27 January, 2013 - by Gerry Adams

The Sinn Féin leader, Gerry Adams TD, said today that his party wants the government to get a deal on the €3 billion promissory note due for payment next month.

“We hope the government gets a deal. The negotiations are not concluded and, of course, all negotiations have their ups and downs. “That said, the government has added to the difficulties by spinning on an ongoing basis, usually without substance.

“The Taoiseach regularly has patronised everyone by talking about “complex technicalities” as if citizens could not understand the issue.

“The huge mistake the government has made, is not to ask for a write-down and the Taoiseach has compounded this by repeatedly asserting that we will pay our debt. This debt is Fianna Fáil’s legacy to the Irish people. It is not our debt. It is a hangover from the days of the golden circles.

“The main plank of our negotiation should be that we cannot pay the promissory note. That should be the basis of our negotiations with the ECB.”


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