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DUP attempt to disenfranchise Sinn Féin voters - Gildernew

29 January, 2013 - by Westminster

Sinn Fein's Michelle Gildernew MP has slammed the call from the DUP for an end to the representative allowances available to Sinn Fein.

Speaking from Westminster where she is involved in briefing cross-party MP's on a number of issues including the call for a Border Poll, Michelle Gildernew said:

"This is just the latest episode in the DUP's attempts to disenfranchise the many thousands of people who voted for Sinn Fein MPs and the many thousands of others who our MPs represent.

"Sinn Féin MPs were elected on an abstentionist mandate. We continue to provide a first class constituency service for both those who vote for us and the many thousands of others in our respective constituencies who voted for other parties but whose interests we promote and represent. And we will continue to do so.

"Sinn Féin MPs do not receive salary from Westminster. Salaries are paid out of party funds.

"The party receives representative allowances of a similar scale and for the same purposes as that available to other parties with MPs.

"These funds are used to enhance the party’s capacity to represent constituents and are subject to the same audit and scrutiny arrangements as the funds which the DUP and other parties receive.

"The call by the DUP for the allocation to Sinn Féin to cease is an attempt to disenfranchise our constituents and is unacceptable.

"The DUP’s failure to act on the ending of double jobbing of MPs is a clear indicator of the hypocritical stance adopted by them and the political agenda which underpins their latest political posturing on this matter."

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