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Investment needed to tackle growing youth unemployment crisis

30 January, 2013

Sinn Féin spokesperson on youth affairs Senator Kathryn Reilly has said that “investment by government is urgently needed to tackle the growing youth unemployment crisis”.
The call comes after the CSO released new figures showing that the number of young people on the live register has risen.

Senator Reilly said:
“The CSO figures released today show that the number of young people on the live register has risen from December to January by 1,420. There are now a staggering 68, 944 young people signing on.
“This figure does not include the many thousands who have emigrated in recent months.
“In recent weeks we have heard the Taoiseach and Tániste talk a lot about a youth employment guarantee.
“Young people do not need words. They need the government to invest in job creation. They need the government to help them find work and create work.
“Unfortunately despite all the fine talk the government seems to be incapable of offering any meaningful solutions to the crisis of youth unemployment.
“Rather they are implementing savage cuts in public spending which will create more unemployment. They are also restricting access for many young people to education through budget cuts.
“We need a government that is prepared to invest in jobs, training and education not cut them to the bone.”

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