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Shoddy policing and poor unionist leadership in Sean Kelly arrest – Gerry Kelly

14 February, 2013 - by Gerry Kelly

Responding to the unconditional release of Sean Kelly, Sinn Féin North Belfast MLA Gerry Kelly said:

 “I welcome the unconditional release of Sean Kelly.

“This episode has been an example of shoddy policing. The only thing the PSNI told Sean Kelly was that this was an intelligence led investigation.

“At no time during any of the interviews was any evidence either forensic, eye witness statements, anything, put before Sean Kelly to explain why he was arrested.

“In fact when the PSNI went to court to seek an extension of his arrest they admitted that there was no evidence whatsoever against him.

“Within an hour after getting a 24 hour extension from the court, and without further questioning, Sean Kelly was released unconditionally.

“The Serious Crimes Branch of the PSNI has questions to answer in arresting a high-profile republican who has always supported the Peace Process.

“The PSNI created political hysteria, which some in the media and unionist politicians latched on to and exacerbated by making clearly ludicrous statements.

“In one move this has shown poor political leadership from unionism and at the same time damaged policing in the republican community.” CRÍOCH/END

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