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McGuinness attacks those behind mortar attempt

4 March, 2013

Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness MLA has accused those behind the attempted mortar bomb attack in Derry City of being engaged in actions which run directly against the will of the republican community in the city and against the democratically expressed wishes of the people of Ireland.

Mr McGuinness said:

“It is quite clear from recent events in Derry that the PSNI have managed to foil many of the recent attempts by these small number of people to bring death and destruction onto the streets of the city.

“Last night the PSNI intercepted what was clearly an attempt to launch a mortar bomb attack on one of the local PSNI stations. It was through their good work that we are not talking about a disastrous situation in Derry today.

“If the people involved in these actions believe that they can by attempting to carry out armed actions undermine the political process then they are greatly mistaken. Whatever differences may exist between the parties in Stormont we are all absolutely united in our efforts to stand up against violent attempts to undermine the political progress already made be they from loyalist flag protesters or those involved in incidents like last night.

“There is no going back to the past. The community in Derry City and elsewhere simply will not allow it. The groups still wedded to pointless armed actions need to reflect on that political reality because if they continue on their current path all that will be achieved is more people in prison. This is not about any attempt to advance a united Ireland. This is a vanity trip by those involved and more about money and ego than patriotism.”

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