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Stag Carting has potential to spread bovine TB - McMullan

14 March, 2013 - by Oliver McMullan

Sinn Féin Agricultural spokesperson Oliver McMullan has called on farmers and countryside users to work with the Minister Michelle O'Neill to help eradicate Bovine Tuberculosis.

 Mr. McMullan stated,

 “I am concerned that stag carting in areas designated by the Minister as trials for eradicating bovine TB in badgers are allowing wild stags to roam across the same area.

 “These stags have the potential to carry and spread Bovine TB across the area where they are chased during the hunt.  I am also concerned that before the hunt that these stags are captured and kept at times in the same building as cattle with the potential to infect them.

 “If farmers are serious about eradicating Bovine TB then they must work with the Department of Agriculture in ensuring that all sources of TB are minimised.

 “I would call on a suspension of these stag hunts throughout the trial area so that we can get a definitive result in whether the capture, vaccination and return of healthy badgers or capture and removal of TB infected badgers is working.”

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