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Unionist paramilitary murder bid in North Antrim

13 July, 2004

Sinn Féin MLA for North Antrim Philip McGuigan has claimed Unionist paramilitaries were intent on murder in Loughguile last night. Mr. Mc Guigan said :

"This was a planned and orchestrated attempt at a sectarian killing and obviously the work of Unionist paramilitaries. Thankfully for the family their intended victim wasn‚t in the house at the time.

" The Twelfth period is always a very tense time to be a Nationalist especially in isolated areas such as North Antrim. Over the past number of weeks we have all witnessed the Œ Kill all Taigs‚ banners on certain bonfires throughout the North.

" Last night in Loughguile we nearly saw those sentiments become a reality. I would call on Unionists, particularly in North Antrim, where sectarianism and bigotry are rife, to show some courage and leadership. This call has been made before, though unfortunately for the Nationalist and Republican community seems to be falling on deaf ears." ENDS

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