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Corporation Tax decision in selfish British economic interests

28 March, 2013

Sinn Féin Economy Spokesperson, Daithí McKay MLA has accused David Cameron of acting in bad faith and purely in the selfish economic interests of the British government.

Daithí McKay said:
“David Cameron’s rejection of transfer of corporation tax powers sends out a clear message that the only way to gain fiscal autonomy and control of our economic future is by building support for a border poll and a ‘yes’ vote for Irish self-determination. It is abundantly clear that British governments do not act in the best interests of anyone in any part of Ireland. It’s time we took ownership of our own economic and political destiny.

“Not only has the Cameron government reneged on commitments given by the previous Labour government but it exposes as nothing short of political rhetoric, assurances given by previous Conservative British Secretaries of State that ‘Britain has no selfish, strategic, or economic interests in Ireland’. (Peter Brooke) And ‘We've got to stand by Northern Ireland for a further stage, with this very special arrangement (transfer of Corporation Tax powers), to help Northern Ireland grow its economy and become self-sufficient," (Owen Paterson 30th March 2011)

“The rejection of powers that would assist in the economic regeneration of the North was obviously taken in the ‘selfish, strategic, and economic interests of the island of Britain.

“This is confirmation of Sinn Féin’s long –standing position that the British Chancellor makes decisions based on the financial considerations of England only and any benefit that may accrue to the North of Ireland is only collateral and never intended.

“It is also time that economists and financial commentators here stopped trying to rationalise or promote a culture of economic dependency by regurgitating British Treasury guesstimates as if they were factual. They should be challenging them so that citizens can be properly informed to enable them to make an educated decision in the event of a Border poll.

“This rejection by the British government should highlight the need for a robust and honest debate on how we can best manage our own economic affairs successfully. Economists, academics, educators and the business and community sectors should be central to driving the debate and demanding actual figures instead of copying and pasting British treasury figures.”

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