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Anderson MEP Chairs EU Committee session of gender equality and environment

10 April, 2013 - by Martina Anderson MEP

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson addressing a gender equality and the environment session of the EU Parliament Environment Committee which she chaired said:

“Climate change and gender equality are key policies for my party, Sinn Féin, and I am honoured to be able to continue the great work done by my predecessor Bairbre de Brún who authored the Environment Committee's opinion for the 'Women and Climate Change Report'.

“It goes without saying that the issue of climate change is one which affects justice, equality and human rights. Those who have contributed the least to the massive amount of greenhouse gas emissions i.e. the global poor of the world, are wrongly feeling its effects the most.

“What is sometimes forgotten however is how this can seriously and disproportionately impact on women.  70% of the world's poorest people are women who carry out two thirds of all work done but yet own just 1% of the world's resources.

“It is also a tragic and striking statistic that 85% of those who die as a result of climate-induced natural disasters are women. Not enough has yet been done to boost the resilience of women and their capacity to either adapt to the already unavoidable climate change realities or adequately react to stop the effects of climate change.

“It is absolutely essential that women are comprehensively included in strategies. The exclusion of women from the decision-making process on climate change would be a massive mistake with troubling consequences for both women and the environment itself.”

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