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Supermarket localised fuel price differences excessive and unacceptable – Sinn Féin MLA

11 April, 2013 - by Phil Flanagan

Sinn Féin MLA Phil Flanagan said the publication of a report by the Consumer Council showing how supermarkets are charging different prices in different locations for their fuel was unacceptable.

The Fermanagh/South Tyrone MLA said:

"This is a useful publication although we have all see the significant differential being charged by supermarkets for fuel depending on their location. 

"The Enterprize Trade & Investment committee have now sought meetings with the main supermarket chains to establish why such a substantive price difference exists. 

"What is the justification for example of Sainsbury’s charging 135.9 pence-per-litre in Craigavon, where there are other nearby competing retailers, but on the same date, charging 141.9 ppl at the Holywood Exchange, Belfast where they are the sole fuel retailer. 

“The transportation costs to places like Craigavon are substantially greater from the port than to Belfast. Therefore the only logical explanation is that supermarket chains are charging excessive prices in places where there is no competition and this is wholly unacceptable."


See below paper from The Consumer Council with examples of supermarket localised pricing.

Consumer Council brief on Supermarket Fuel Pricing for the Committee for Enterprise Trade and Investment

February 2013

Addendum: Examples of supermarket localised pricing[1] over the

12 weeks to week beginning 11 February 2013



For the week 26 November 2012, Asda charged:

            129.3ppl for petrol in Newtownards, 131.7ppl in Coleraine

            Difference of 2.4ppl.


For the week beginning 11 February 2013, Asda charged:

140.7ppl for Diesel in Bangor, 141.7ppl in Newtownards

Difference of 1ppl.



For the week beginning 11 February, Sainsbury’s charged

            131.0ppl for petrol in Craigavon, 137.9ppl in Lisburn

Difference of 6ppl.


For the week beginning 14 January 2012, Sainsbury’s charged:

135.9ppl in Craigavion, 141.9ppl in Belfast.

Difference of 6ppl.



For the week beginning 10 December 2013, Tesco charged:

            129.9ppl for petrol in Cookstown, 133.9ppl in Newtownabbey

            Difference of 4ppl.


For the week beginning 07 January 2013, Tesco charged:

140.1ppl in Antrim, 146.6ppl in Newtownabbey

Difference of 6.5ppl.

[1] Taken from the Consumer Council’s weekly fuel price monitoring which is based on figures supplied by Experian Catalist (

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