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Nationalists know the reality of British war machine

20 July, 2004

Responding to the latest report from the widely discredited IMC, Sinn Féin Assembly member Alex Maskey said that 'nationalists and republicans knew only to well the effects of Britains war machine in Ireland as they experience it on a daily basis'.

Mr Maskey said:

"The IMC already shown itself to be a willing tool of both the PSNI Special Branch and other securocrats within the British system. It operates outside the terms of the Good Friday Agreement and has no credibility within the nationalist and republican community.

"The fact that the British government have 8,500 troops in Iraq in the middle of a war and they currently have just under 15,000 stationed in the six counties ten years into a peace process says much about British intent towards Ireland. The fact that republican heart lands are still saturated with spy posts and war apparatus almost ten years on from the IRA cessation is an indictment of the British failure to honour their commitments to demilitarise.

"Rather than wasting time engaging in a cosmetic exercise with the IMC trying to convince people that they are demilitarising it would be more appropriate for the British government to begin honouring its commitments and dismantling its war machine in Ireland." ENDS

Editors Note: Mr Maskey will attend a picket organised by those campaigning to expose British involvement in state sanctioned murder and the IMC ignoring ongoing collusion outside the Hilton Hotel at 3pm.

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