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Environment Spokesperson Brian Stanley TD outlines Sinn Féin's opposition to water charges

12 April, 2013 - by Brian Stanley TD

This government is attempting to force households to pay for water.   

Public water is paid for by the public’s taxes. And I intend to keep it that way!

Sinn Féin stands shoulder to shoulder with those households who will resist this move.

It was Fianna Fail that proposed water charges in their National Recovery Plan 2011.

Meanwhile the policy is implemented with gusto by Fine Gale and Labour Party with the active support of Fianna Fail.

Minister Hogan has established Uisce Eireann and has given it two cheques to introduce water meters and manage our water system.

One has €800 million on it and the other is blank. Both cheques will be paid for by the tax payers in this state.

Sinn Féin has proposed an alternative plan without any domestic meters and without any water charges.

We have called for a return to at least 2011 level of investment in our water system. 

We proposed an All-Ireland strategy on water provision and the establishment of a National Water Sector Framework Team to oversee governance of the water sector.

We opposed the bill going through the Dáil.

We continue to oppose it at every opportunity. While over the border, Sinn Féin had the power and Minister Conor Murphy stopped the introduction of water charges.

But in this state, Sinn Féin cannot stop water charges on our own.

When we come back here next year friends, I want to see anti water charge action groups in every county and parish.

We must organise in our communities, in every road of every town and city across the state.  If the water charges are to be beaten it is through solidarity and action.

Households already hard pressed have in the last few weeks received the dreaded local property tax notices. For many homes this is simply a bill too far.

Unable to meet mortgage payments low and middle income families must now bail out the banks by paying a tax on the every home they live in.

Sinn Féin has given a commitment that we will be introducing a bill to repeal to the family home tax. We hope that it will be introduced to the Dáil before summer.

Maximum pressure must be brought on the Irish troika of Fine Gael, Fianna Fail and Labour Party to vote and support this bill.

Nothing short of scrapping the family home bill will overturn this tax.

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