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Time now for a Border Poll - Carthy

13 April, 2013

In the past six weeks there have been two by-elections in Ireland.

And considering Míchaél Martin’s newfound interest in Republicanism we were naturally anxious to see how the Fianna Fáil candidate in Mid Ulster got on.

As it happened Fianna Fail got zero votes, as did the self titled ‘United Ireland party’ Fine Gael.  In the two by-elections held this year Sinn Féin secured almost 21,000 votes; more than double that of any other party and ensuring the election of Francie Molloy as MP and setting the bench mark so that Darren O’Rourke will be a TD at the next opportunity.

The message that Sinn Féin activists delivered in Mid Ulster was the same one that we brought to the doorsteps of Meath East.  It is the same message we are delivering across all 32 counties on a daily and weekly basis.

The message is clear – Austerity doesn’t work – whether it is being imposed by a conservative Tory government on the 6-county executive or by a conservative Fine Gael or Fianna Fáil government in this state. 

We can build a better, fairer, prosperous country.  And that is best achieved with a United Ireland.

Sinn Féin is committed to delivering it.  Are Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil?

Remember when they used to tell us that the conflict would never be resolved; could never be resolved.  That was their excuse for ignoring the six counties and the demand for a United Ireland.

And, now? Well, now they say ‘the north’s sorted’.

At this Ard Fheis we have something to tell them.

The north isn’t sorted.  Neither is the south for that matter, or the west or the east.

Not while we are wasting billions administering two health services, two education systems, two economies on a small island of just over 6 million people.

Not while billions more of our monies are being squandered to international bondholders and to the British exchequer.

Not while the potential of our nation is being curtailed because of an imposed border which is crippling our island’s development.

Ireland isn’t sorted.  And it won’t be.  Not until we have a political vision that can deliver a United Ireland.  Sinn Féin has that vision and more and more Irish people are embracing our message.

We want people to join us in delivering it.  That includes other political parties.

The first step is to hold a border poll, let’s start the debate, let’s spell out the benefits of a United Ireland to people in Dublin and Cork as much as to people in Derry and Belfast.

Let us today pledge ourselves to win the demand for a Border Poll; more importantly let us pledge ourselves to win the poll itself.

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