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Martina Anderson MEP – EU austerity isn’t working

13 April, 2013 - by Martina Anderson MEP

The Taoiseach Enda Kenny is doing his best to push through a cut of 34 billion Euros to the EU budget.

The damage his own government cuts are doing is not enough for him.

Along with his political soul mate David Cameron, he is determined to slash the EU budget.

Tories in government in Dublin and London working hand in hand to impose austerity in Ireland and across the EU.

Without doubt, there is waste in the EU budget. For example, €180 million could be saved by stopping the monthly travelling circus to Strasbourg.

But what will be most affected is the real economy - getting people back to work, rural communities, cross-border infrastructure, community groups and SMEs.

The total EU budget amounts to a grand total of 60 cents per person per day - not even the price of a cup of coffee.

But the damage done by the proposed cuts will be a multiple of the amount actually cut.

If used well the EU budget could promote social and economic development - delivering growth and jobs.

To do this, it should be imaginative, forward-looking, flexible and transparent.

The criteria for applications must be simplified to allow small local groups and SMEs to draw down funding.

And the procedures for assessment of applications must also be streamlined and speeded up to produce results on the ground.

Sinn Féin has led Irish opposition to proposed EU cuts - even getting Labour and Fine Gael MEPs to vote with the majority of the European Parliament and against their own government.

Unfortunately the Unionist MPs and MEPs are fully signed up cheerleaders for the British government and have enthusiastically supported the cuts.

Sinn Féin is standing up for you in Leinster House, in the Assembly and in Council chambers across Ireland.

Standing up for you in the European Parliament.

Standing up for Ireland - because let's face it, the Dublin government won't do it.

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