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Sinn Féin wants the Norwegian model of developing our oil & gas reserves - Conway Walsh

13 April, 2013

 Ten years ago with the discovery of the Corrib Gas Field 45 miles off the coast, like many people in the county I was energized about what it would mean.

As a returned emigrant and a working mother, I thought it would mean the end of forced emigration, full employment, enterprise development, universal health care, free education and investment in infrastructure.

Soon I realised that the gas was not going to be processed at sea, causing the most disturbing affliction for the community and environmental destruction.

The realisation that little or no revenue from the project would come to the citizens was deplorable: the licensing terms agreed by Ray Burke, jailed for corruption, and his Fianna Fail cronies gave full ownership of our oil and gas to private foreign companies and there was no intention of changing this.

No royalties and no state share in production unlike most oil and gas producing countries.

Companies can write off the costs of all exploration anywhere in Irish waters in the previous 25 years.

We are left with a vague notion that there will be some undefined benefits to Ireland and we may have security of supply.  We will probably be able to buy our gas and oil cheaper from Russia.

We are clear: Sinn Féin has always opposed and will continue to oppose the privatisation of our natural resources. 

We reaffirm our commitment to uphold the right of the Irish people to the ownership of Ireland and all of its parts as stated in the Proclamation of the Irish Republic 1916.

Sinn Féin demands the establishment of a state oil, gas and mineral exploration company that would hold a 51% majority share in all oil and gas finds, have it own research facility and a 7.5% royalty.

Don’t fall for FF spin and the same spin from FG and Labour when they say we have to give away our natural resources. 

Like a true dictatorship, they lead you to believe you have no choice.  Well we do have a choice.  Remember we are talking something between 800 billion and 1 trillion euro.

How many home help hours, how many hospital beds, how many primary health services, how many rural schools, small businesses, jobs?  No need for a property tax, no need for a Universal Social Charge, no need for water charges, no more forced emigration.

Sinn Féin wants the Norwegian model of developing our oil & gas reserves.   

Norway collects, 78% tax from offshore federal leases.  This means Norway has a sovereign wealth fund worth around €600 billion from which it pays for public services. Is it any wonder they don’t have a property tax.

It’s time we shouted stop?  It’s time we claimed what is rightfully ours.  It’s time we put an end to the greatest robbery of all times – our oil & gas.


This is the real Map of Ireland. This is the Map of Ireland you will get with Sinn Féin in government.  As Davitt said “Make no Mistake about it......Democracy is about to rule.


I ask your support for motion 102.

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