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Labour failing vulnerable families – Ó Snodaigh

13 April, 2013 - by Aengus Ó Snodaigh TD

A chairde, ní gáth ach ruin 91 agus 92 a léamh chun iad a thuiscint agus tuiscint nach bhfuil muid chun seasamh le ionsaithe nó gearrtha siar ó Páirtí an Lucht Oibre nó ó aon chearn eile.

Tá muid I gcoinne bochtanas seachas é a chothú mar atá an tAire Joan Burtion agus an rialtas sa stáit seo le na gearrtha grana ar pinsinéirí, páistí, lucht an éagcumas agus súid eile atá ag brath ar an chóras.

motions 91 and 92 are self explanatory, they reject this government’s targeting of those dependent on social welfare and reiterates our commitment to ending poverty, and creating a social protection system that is based on equality and does what it is meant to do – protect those who are vulnerable.

This government, and in particular Labour made all sorts of promises to the people during the last general election. They promised the sun, moon and stars. And even after in the Fairytale book called the Programme for Government that they would ‘protect the vulnerable’. Well their actions give a lie to that promise, that commitment.

Their solution to a banking crisis is to further empty the empty pockets of the poor. They are even targeting breast feeding children, that’s how low Joan Burtion would go. She has gone as far as targeting the Maternity Benefit also, the respite care grant, the fuel allowance, the pensioners household benefits package. And yet she would brazenly still say that she has affected social welfare rates. She has, ask the lone parents, ask those now on job seekers benefit.

To cap it all her solution thus far for the unemployment crisis is to create more and more slave labour, 20 quid and your dole, 50 quid and your dole – all free labour for multinationals and others ready to always exploit vulnerable workers or unemployed people. Stacking selves dosnt require an 9 month internship. And more shameful is that the state under this government is abusing these interns by locating them in government department where there is no prospect of a job because of the government jobs embargo.

Labour may celebrate the centenary of the Lockout this year, however with policies like this you could be forgiven for wondering which side of the Lockout they’re celebrating.

A situation which I came aware of only recently is one where the Department of Social Protection is now undermining the emergency cover given by retained/part-time firefighters across the country by refusing those not in employment job seekers allowance, thus forcing those out of their area of cover or into poverty. That’s how meanspirited the department and the minister is

I am urging you to support these motions to send a clear message to the government that members and supporters of Sinn Féin will not take broken promises. There is a better way.

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