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A5 hurdles must be overcome

15 April, 2013

Sinn Féin MLA for West Tyrone and member of the Regional Development Minister, Declan McAleer, has stated that the decision not to appeal the A5 court ruling is a costly mistake.

 Speaking today Mr McAleer said:

 “The decision not appeal the ruling on the A5 is a costly mistake but will not be the end of this project.

 "The fact that despite millions of pounds being paid to consultants on this project, there was a gross lack of oversight by the Department of Regional development who should have identified the issues raised in the court judgement is an indictment of the minister.

 “Questions are also being raised as to why, as Danny Kennedy’s first major roads project in the west and the fact that Tom Elliot was very much lobbying against this road were these mistakes made.

 “However, this is an Executive project that can still be a huge benefit to the local economy. Well accepted figures from the Institute of Civil Engineering state that for every £1 invested in infrastructure £2.84 is generated in economic activity. In these terms this project is worth £1bn and an estimated 10,000 jobs.

 “There is now an onus on the Minister to overcome this hurdle, move on and address this outstanding issue. The DRD must pursue in earnest a resolution that would be acceptable in order to see that this vital roads project goes ahead and proceeds without any further undue delay.”

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