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Private sector still starved -Tóibín

22 April, 2013

Responding to today’s government job creation announcement, Sinn Féin spokesperson on Enterprise Jobs and Innovation, Peadar Tóibín TD, said:

“We have another promise to create jobs. This one comes two years after FG/Lab promised 100,000 net new jobs in the economy by 2016.

“Yet the truth is that growth has been far too slow for job creation to make any real dent in unemployment figures. The government has refused to step into the stimulus breech left behind by an investment-starved private sector.

“Nearing the halfway point of what’s becoming Ireland’s lost decade, emigration remains the only significant threat to unemployment levels Today tens of thousands of businesses are holding on by their fingertips due to stagnant demand, credit distress and cost.

“Almost 5,000 highly paid and skilled jobs in the industrial sector have been lost and the vast majority of new jobs created have been part time.

“Ideas such as start-up funds, capital investment funds, R&D funds, staff training and collaboration are important and can be improved upon but are nothing new.

“The enterprise support sector for small business, the County Enterprise Boards have been in limbo since 2008. The state itself through regressive rates and utilities is one of the largest cost centres for small business.

“Spinning, while real businesses struggle, will only create further cynicism.
Sinn Féin is driven by the desire to see employment growth happen and we would willing support any policy that will achieve it.

“Indeed we have submitted a 62-page detailed Jobs Plan to the Minister’s office in the last six months. It is becoming clear that the government will have to take on board our stimulus, cost reduction and enterprise reform proposals. The question is, how much more damage will they do to the economy before it happens?

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