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Government spin cannot hide net job losses: Toibín

26 April, 2013

Today the government produced its fifth implementation report on the Jobs Action Plan. Peadar Tóibín Sinn Féin spokesperson for jobs, enterprise and innovation said:

“With others in Sinn Féin, I will meet with the Troika today and will use the opportunity highlight the challenges our people face, the failing of government to tackle unemployment and I will put forward proposals for job creation.

“Despite the spin, the results of the government’s Action Plan for Jobs speak for themselves. We have record emigration and youth unemployment, increased long-term unemployment and the loss of full-time jobs. Last year 12,800 net full time jobs were lost and replaced by 14,000 part time jobs. Yet the government claims this as a success.

“Over reliance on exports has meant that while exports have reached the levels of the 2001 unemployment remains three time the 2001 rate. The export sector alone can’t turn around the economy and deliver the levels of job growth required.

We need investment in the domestic economy and support of the SME sector.
It is clear that our people are want to work and are being forced into emigration. It is clear that our business leaders are focused on sustaining and building their enterprises.

Growth in the IT sector is welcome and is a demonstration of the innovation of our people. However it is one of the smallest sectors for employment and due to the disjoint in government policy we have to fill these posts by importing skilled workers.”

The greatest threat to jobs is government policy. Austerity is undermining the domestic economy, causing hardship, costing jobs and leading to economic stagnation. The government should now change tack and invest in our people and economy.’

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