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Xtravision receivership a major blow across the island

29 April, 2013

Speaking following the announcement that Xtravision is entering receivership Sinn Féin spokespeople North and South have criticised the austerity policies being implemented across the island.

The party’s spokesperson on Enterprise, Jobs and Innovation Peadar Tóibín TD said;

“Xtravision is the latest victim of government’s pro cyclical economic policies. The domestic economy, which accounts for 78% of employment in Ireland, remains on the floor after five years of failed austerity policies and economic mismanagement.

“In the south over 50,000 jobs have been lost and tens of thousands more are in jeopardy. Anger, frustration and desperation are common amongst retailers as they see their livelihoods and lifetime investments disappear.  

“All the while the government remains steadfast in the pursuit of their hands off policies that have led to this trading environment. They have failed to address the cost base such as upward only rents, some of the highest utility costs in Europe and regressive rates.

“Shockingly, despite achieving 95% of the Action plan for Jobs the government has failed to lift either demand or expectations. Throughout Europe there is a realisation of the need to lift austerity and stimulate the economy is emerging.

“This is what Sinn Féin has being saying solidly for five years. How long before our own government gets up to speed?”

Fermanagh MLA Phil Flanagan said;

“This is a blow to workers across the island. We have the same failing polices being implemented by the Tory parties in London and Dublin. This policy is costing jobs and driving emigration. It is clear that the economies North and South require investment.

“The first step here in the North must be for Stormont to have the power determine its own economic future. It is clear we need investment to grow the domestic economy, meet the challenges of new technology, to build demand, and deliver economic growth and jobs.

“The people best placed to resolve this matter do not reside in Westminster but in communities across the North.  I will again raise this matter with the Minister for Economy, Trade and Investment in the North.”


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