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People are dying as a result of poor ambulance service- McLellan

14 May, 2013

Speaking in the Dáil this evening during topical issues, Sinn Fein TD for Cork East Sandra McLellan said:  “The death of young Vakaris Martinaltis is almost beyond belief.

“As a mother it must be absolutely shocking to find that your child has fallen out of a window and that he is seriously injured. The initial shock must then be magnified many times over by the realisation that no ambulance is available to take your child to hospital.

“The unreliable nature of the emergency services in my constituency of Cork East is now having profound consequences for children and adults who have serious injuries or illness.

“The situation has reached a crisis point and simply put, lives are now at risk as a result.

“In March of this year Minister Reilly gave an undertaking that response times would improve as a result of more effective rostering and improved training.  However the recent incidents prove that this is simply not the case.

“The people of Midleton are entitled to better. They deserve to know that if they or their children have an accident or become ill that an ambulance is available to take them to hospital.

“Not just in Cork East but right across the country people are entitled to an emergency service that is both reliable and dependable.

“I call on the Minister to conduct as a matter of urgency a review of how the reconfiguration of the ambulance and emergency services actually works for people and communities. The evidence to date would suggest that there are serious problems with the service and that people are suffering and /or dying as a result.”

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