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Cullinane welcomes cuts to higher earners in Bus Éireann deal

16 May, 2013 - by David Cullinane TD

Senator David Cullinane has given a cautious welcome to news that agreement between management and unions at Bus Éireann has been reached.
Speaking today from Leinster House, the Sinn Féin spokesperson on workers’ rights said that it was encouraging that a deal had been arrived at, however, like the Bus Éireann workers, he would await details before judging the deal in full.
“It’s positive and encouraging in principle that Bus Éireann and unions have come to an agreement. While the full details have yet to emerge, we hope that the terms of the deal are acceptable to the Bus Éireann workers and their families. Like them, I will wait to see the detail before making a full judgment.”
“It is very important that workers will be given the opportunity to evaluate the deal and to work out how it will affect them and their families. There have been many years of industrial peace at the company and no union worker would have taken lightly the decision to strike.
“What is very apparent from this dispute, and indeed the rejection of the Croke Park II agreement, is that workers on low to middle incomes have had enough
“They simply cannot take any more hits to their income and I think that the ordinary workers at Bus Éireann will judge this deal on the effect that it will have on their pockets.
“The company has rightly reconsidered the pay of higher earners at the company, with four per cent cuts to pay for management and cuts of up to 20% for directors.
“From the outset we have said that any cuts to pay should come from the higher end of the scale and we are glad that the company has accepted that.
“Michael Faherty of the NBRU said earlier that they had been shouting out for this all week, and it underlines how unfair that the initial proposal was that higher earners would not take any hit.
“It is important to underline that this dispute was a conflict of the Minister’s own making, and a direct consequence of his continued cutbacks to public transport.
“The government need to realise that cuts and savings to public transport cannot be made on the backs of lower and middle income workers.
“Bus Éireann has seen significant underinvestment over many years, and simply cutting the funding and expecting the company to simply cope with that is irresponsible, and will do nothing for the future of public transport in Ireland.
“This dispute shows once again that workers standing their ground in face of hostility from sections of the media and government representatives has resulted, we hope, in a significant gain for these workers and their families.”

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