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Parades Commission Confirm PSNI Lying Over Lurgan March

22 July, 2004

Speaking after a meeting with the Parades Commission in Belfast, Upper Bann Sinn Féin Assembly member John O'Dowd said that the Commission had confirmed to him that the PSNI had significantly breached their determination in Lurgan on July 13th.

Mr O'Dowd said:

" The Parades Commission confirmed to our delegation today that the route which the RBP march in Lurgan on July 13th was to take was from Carnegie Street, Market Street junction turning right along High Street. It was not at any time to turn left into Market Street. The Parades Commission confirmed that the area which the PSNI claimed was blocked by a parked car in Market Street was not on the approved route. They further informed us that they made this clear to the PSNI on July 13th.

" The confirmation from the Parades Commission today proves what Sinn Féin have been saying all along. The PSNI deliberately took the RBP Parade along a banned route and when that was apparently blocked by a parked car, they proceeded to breach the determination further. Then the PSNI Chief in Lurgan Alan McCrum told blatant lies to the Irish News to try and cover up this fact. His parked car story has been exposed as a red herring.

" This confirmation from the Parades Commission must raise significant questions over the future of Alan McCrum. He has been exposed as a liar. He also very deliberately breached a Parades Commission determination and forced a RBP parade through a Catholic area of Lurgan. That was without doubt the intention of his operation from the start. This cannot now be questioned.

" How can any nationalist or republican in North Armagh have any confidence in a police force controlled by an individual like this. He deliberately planned to trample over the rights of the nationalist and republican community in order to facilitate an anti-Catholic parade through a Catholic part of the town." ENDS

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