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Hay should apologise to the Nationalist/Republican people

26 July, 2004

Sinn Féin MLA Raymond McCartney has called on DUP politician, William Hay MLA to apologise to the families of those nationalists and republicans murdered and injured by UDA and UVF death squads.

Mr McCartney stated:

"It seems that the criteria that William Hay and the DUP apply to enter into dialogue depends not on whether or not a party adhers to democratic principles and receives a mandate from the electorate but whether that organisation supports the British link.

"William Hay's response to an invitation from Derry Mayor, Gerry O hEára for all elected representatives to co-operate for the good of the region was an absolute disgrace. The DUP representative's comment that the reason his party can align itself with the UDA and the UVF is because - ' the UDA don't have a political party and pose no threat to the future of Northern Ireland, and the UVF are the same' - exposes the hypocrisy and double standards of Unionist politicians. Implicit in Mr Hay's comments is that they have no problem talking to the spokespersons of sectarian murder gangs, drug dealers and pimps so long as they 'pose no threat to the political future of Northern Ireland'. But if - as is Sinn Féin's political aspirations and objectives - you work peacefully for the ending British governmental interference in Ireland then the DUP will not engage in dialogue.

"The UDA and the UVF are still involved in both sectarian and racist attacks day and daily as well as polluting Willie Hay's own constituency through drugs and prostitution".

"Willie Hay and the DUP may bury their heads in the sand when it comes to the activity of the UDA and UVF by claiming they do not pose a threat to the 'future of Northern Ireland' but sooner rather than later they will have to sit down and deal with parties with legitimate mandates if we are all to move forward.

"I would call on Willie Hay to stop his hypocritical comments and encourage engagement with Sinn Féin, the democratic representatives of the majority of the nationalist people so that the issues that divide us can be resolved". ENDS

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