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Cork City Council supports Sinn Féin motion calling for establishment of an All-Ireland National Suicide Authority

28 May, 2013

Cork City Council has become the first council in Ireland to support a motion seeking the establishment of an All-Ireland National Suicide Authority.

Councillors last night voted in favour of a motion put forward by Sinn Féin councillor Mick Nugent.

The motion also called on the government to increase funding to organisations and services which provide support to families who have been affected by suicide. The aim of the authority would be to create clarity and unity in suicide prevention.

The Suicide in Ireland Survey 2003-2008 Report shows that the suicide rate in Ireland is one of the highest in the EU, particularly among those aged 15-24.

Councillor Mick Nugent said;

“I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people know somebody close to them that have died by or been affected by suicide. It has been said that up to 700 people a year are dying by suicide with 300,000 suffering from mental health issues. That’s frightening.

“A great number of groups, many in Cork, are doing Trojan work in suicide awareness and suicide prevention. The responsibility has been shifted on these groups to be the frontline in dealing with the crisis, all the while receiving little funding and lack of co-ordination and direction from the government in promoting its own initiatives.

“People working in the field believe the National Office for Suicide Prevention is not fit for purpose. There is a campaign by a number of suicide prevention groups calling for a National Suicide Authority, independent and not tied to the HSE.

“It is time for a National Suicide Authority to take this on, I would suggest it would be an All-island body as there are no borders with suicide.”


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