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Anderson addresses EU Regional Development Committee on Youth unemployment

30 May, 2013 - by Martina Anderson MEP

The EU Regional Development voted today on Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson's Draft Opinion on the Implementation of the EU Youth Strategy. Accepting some amendments to her opinionMs Anderson was pleased that the majority of her opinion proposals were supported. Her emphasis on the need to tackle youth unemployment in order to promote social inclusion, reduce the risk of poverty and ultimately increase the share of the population in employment was well received.

Martina Anderson said:

“It was most gratifying that the opinion on Implementation of the EU Youth Strategy which I presented has been endorsed by a 41-0 (1 abstention) vote in favour at the EU Regional Development Committee.  My opinion called for EU funding/investment for the creation of high-quality apprenticeships, internships and sustainable and durable jobs, where young people would enjoy the widest possible opportunities for employment, respecting employment rights in every member state, so that significant reduction can be made to precariousness and the risk of poverty.

"Significantly, political groups representing the main political opinions from across Europe have, by endorsing this opinion, recognised the serious challenges posed to societies by Youth unemployment across Europe. More importantly support for a programme to stimulate investment in training and jobs that will address the issue of youth unemployment in the committee this morning was virtually unanimous.

“I have been consistently lobbying for the implementation of a properly resourced and managed Youth Guarantee Scheme since becoming MEP. Therefore it is Important that the opinion calls for a programme to stimulate investment in training and jobs to combat the unacceptably high rate of youth unemployment.

“As part of my efforts to attract government attention to the Youth Unemployment crisis I will be hosting the "Guarantee our Future" event in Cavan which will discuss youth Employment on the Island of Ireland and Europe and consider the potential for a Youth Guarantee Scheme based on the experiences of EU countries that have previously implemented them. The event takes place on Friday the 7th June in the Cavan Crystal Hotel, Co Cavan.”

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