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Growth in underemployment is costing families and the state dearly – Tóibín

30 May, 2013

Responding to the publication of the latest jobs figures Sinn Féin spokesperson Peadar Tóibín has said the rise in underemployment is causing real hardship for families and costing the state dearly.

Deputy Tóibín said;

“On the jobs front Sinn Féin, like the rest of the country, is hungry for good news. The creation of jobs is especially important to us as in many respects it’s our constituency that is being hit hardest by unemployment, underemployment and emigration.

“Analysis of these figures come to us with the CSO health warning that due to adjustments with the 2011 Census ‘particular caution is warranted in the interpretation of the trend in this sector at this time’.

“The figures released today highlight a startling rise of underemployment and its associated hardship for families. In the last year the economy shed 6,000 full time jobs. These were replaced by 17,000 part time or underemployed jobs.

“Behind these figures are real families who will have increased difficulty meeting mortgage bills, food bills and energy bills. There is also increased exposure of the state in welfare supports for these families. This trend has been incentivised by the government’s PRSI break to employers who under employ.

“As can be seen from these figures and the recent fall in retail figures for April the domestic SME sector which accounts for the vast majority of workers is still shedding employees. The shrinking labour force is also indicative of continuing mass emigration.

“The jobs market will continue to bump along the bottom unless this government gets real with regards stimulus, demand, efficiencies and the development of cost competitive advantages in utilities and services.”


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