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Spin fools no one as national debt interest now ten times Enterprise budget

6 June, 2013

Speaking at the release of the May live register figures, Sinn Féin’s jobs spokesperson Peadar Tóibín said:
“Hardly a family in the state remains untouched by the everyday realities of underemployment and emigration. Full time employment is being replaced by part-time employment amongst whole swathes of Irish society leading to underemployment and poverty.
“In two years over 160,000 people have emigrated leading to families being split and the energy of youth being drained from communities.
“Ask these people what the marginal dip of one percent in unemployment means to them and how it has come about and the answer is clear.
“Ask these people what type of response is required and its will be clear that the tinkering around the edges by this government is wholly inadequate.
“There is a stark lack of ambition from government when it comes to job creation that contrasts sharply with its desire to satisfy unguaranteed, unsecured bond holders.
“It’s shocking that the interest now being paid on the National Debt on an annual basis is now over ten times the annual budget of the Department of Enterprise which is tasked with job creation. If this government meant business they would implement the Sinn Fein stimulus strategy and rectify the market distortions that close business on a daily basis.”

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