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RIR must go in wake of Castlereagh collusion scandal

29 July, 2004

Upper Bann Sinn Féin Assembly member John O'Dowd has demanded that the RIR be removed from the streets in the wake of the Castlereagh collusion scandal. Mr O'Dowd's comments come after the RIR set up a checkpoint in Lurgan town centre yesterday afternoon.

Mr O'Dowd said:

"Yesterday the RIR set up a check point in the middle of Lurgan town centre causing serious traffic delays and disruption for people trying to go about their everyday business.

"Given the proven involvement of the RIR and before them the UDR in collusion with unionist paramilitaries their presence on the streets ten years into a peace process is completely unacceptable.

"This situation is made even worse given the involvement of the RIR in the ongoing and developing Castlereagh collusion scandal. The British government need to get real about their responsibilities regarding the future of what is effectively a unionist militia. Nationalists cannot be expected to tolerate this organisation causing disruption and gathering intelligence any longer." ENDS

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