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Anglo tapes reveal concerted attempt to defraud the Irish state – Doherty

24 June, 2013 - by Pearse Doherty TD

Sinn Féin Finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty has said the tapes from inside Anglo Irish Bank, published today, reveal a concerted effort by executives in Anglo Irish Bank to defraud the Irish State.

Deputy Doherty said the fact that both of the executives continued to work in IBRC on a huge salary, one of them right up to February of this year, is an indictment on this government and called for prosecutions for people involved in the collapse of the Irish economy.

He said;

“These revelations are shocking to the core. They reveal a concerted effort by executives in Anglo Irish to defraud the Irish State.

“They prove conclusively that an investigation is needed into events surrounding the bank guarantee and subsequently and that people must be prosecuted for their roles in collapsing the Irish economy.

“Here we have a situation in which two senior executives laughed and joked about their attempts to defraud the state of billions of euros.

“Their actions have led to austerity, job losses and hardship across the state.

“I revealed in 2011 that 22 of the top 50 Anglo executives were still in place in the bank on huge salaries, 19 of them earning more than 175k per annum.

“Alarmingly, John Bowe continued to work for Anglo/IBRC right up to last year and Peter Fitzgerald only left in February of this year. That is an indictment on this government.

“How did this man pass any fitness and probity tests by the central bank?

“The government’s foot dragging on the banking inquiry is unacceptable. Like the last government, Fine Gael and Labour are taking a hands-off approach to the banks while they pay their executives over the top salaries, increase their interest rates at will and seek increased powers to repossess homes from struggling mortgage holders.”


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