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Fianna Fáil leadership should tell who met bankers - Adams

25 June, 2013 - by Gerry Adams

Sinn Féin president, Gerry Adams TD, today demanded that the Taoiseach spell out what steps he intends to take to deal with the revelations emerging out of the Anglo tapes.
Speaking in the Dáil during leaders questions the Sinn Féin leader raised three issues with the Taoiseach; why after five years has no banker seen the inside of a prison for bankrupting the state?; what government Ministers were meeting the bankers at the time of the bank guarantee?; and why did the government reward this same elite with jobs and pensions?
The Sinn Féin leader also called on Fianna Fáil to reveal which Fianna Fáil ministers were meeting bankers at the time of the banking crisis and bank guarantee.
Speaking after the Dáil debate Teachta Adams said:
“It is five years from this shameful episode and not one banker has served one day of a prison sentence for their role in bankrupting the state.
“Ordinary citizens know that if they don’t pay their TV licence or the new taxes that the government is introducing that they would face prosecution. There is one law for the rich and well-connected, and another for everyone else.
“It is also clear from the report in this morning’s Independent that David Drumm and others in Anglo were meeting senior government minsters at that time. Citizens have a right to know who they were meeting and Fianna Fáil leader Mícheál Martin and others in his frontbench who were in government at that time should tell us who those ministers were.
“Despite representations from Sinn Fein these banking elites were rewarded by the government. Twenty two of the top 50 executives were left in place. Some of them were jobs paying €175 thousand a year. David Drumm who features in these tapes laughing was given a bonus of nearly €700 thousand euro only three months later.

The Fianna Fáil government of the day allowed this to happen, but this government has continued to protect these bankers and their high paid jobs.”
Concluding Teachta Adams said:
“The Anglo tapes reveal the contempt bankers in Anglo had for the regulator, the state and the citizens who picked up the bill for their greed and avarice.
“They expose bank executives who were so immune from the crisis they created that they could laugh and joke about their intent to take billions of euros from the taxpayers.
“The Taoiseach should seek a report from the minister for justice on the state of investigations into these matters by the Garda.
“If these bankers were citizens on social welfare or senior citizens or carers the government would not hesitate to cut and slash their entitlements.
“These bankers bankrupted the state and forced hundreds of thousands of citizen’s onto the dole queue and many of our young people to emigrate. The buck stops with the Taoiseach. It’s that the government established a proper inquiry into these matters to hold all of those – bankers, politicians and others – to account.”

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