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Morris Tribunal highlights urgent need for Eddie Fullerton inquiry

30 July, 2004

A motion was passed at a meeting of party activists in Donegal last night,calling for the government to set up a full public inquiry into the killing of Sinn Féin Councillor Eddie Fullerton. Sinn Féin Cllr. Pearse Doherty, who attended the activist meeting said the Morris Tribunal had proved beyond any doubt the need for a full public inquiry into the Donegal Councillor's death.

Mr Doherty said:

"The Morris Tribunal raises very serious questions in relation to the 1991 assassination of Eddie Fullerton, who was gunned down in his home by a loyalist death squad. A senior Garda officer, under investigation by the Tribunal, was centrally involved in the totally inadequate Garda investigation into Eddie's death.

"The Tribunal has proved beyond any doubt the urgent need for an full independent and public inquiry, that will uncover the truth not only behind the murder of Eddie Fullerton, but also examine the role the Gardaí played in the cover up that followed. Eddie's family have been waiting 13 years for justice. In light of the Morris Tribunal's revelations, the government cannot put off that justice any longer.

"Eddie's family want to know:

-Why there has been no real investigation into his death

-Why after all these years the Gardaí have never called to see Eddie‚s wife to provide an update on how the investigation was progressing

-Why key witnesses were never interviewed

-Why crucial leads were never followed up

-Why Garda removed material from the crime scene belonging to the victim, instead of concentrating on obvious forensic evidence left by the killers

-More recently, why suggestions of MI5 and FRU collusion have not been addressed."ENDS

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